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General terms and conditions of sale

The general terms and conditions of sale should be read carefully. They constitute the elements of the contract for the provision of the services offered by Barbara Fiore (Flowerpower-homedecor). All customers acknowledge that they have read this document before signing a quotation with the words "approved". Any signature of a quotation with our company implies express and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

Flowerpower-homedecor undertakes to carry out the services as defined in the quotation diligently and in accordance with good practice.
In accordance with the agreed mandate, the customer authorises Flowerpower-homedecor to contact various companies for research purposes. However, work carried out by craftsmen is under their own responsibility.
The contract starts on receipt of the deposit, which will be 50% of the quote. The balance will be invoiced on achievement of the project.
Prices are guaranteed to be valid for one month from the date of the quotation. Where our quotations include the purchase of equipment or furniture delivered by third parties, Flowerpower-homedecor cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery.

If a change occurs during the course of the study (or if modifications or additional requests are made after validation by the client) Barbara Fiore will propose a new budget and the work will only be carried out with the subsequent agreement of the client.
When Flowerpower-homedecor provides plans to the customer, these plans are provided for information only and are not directly intended for the execution of the work. The customer must ensure that the external service provider validates the final dimensions before the work is carried out.
Flowerpower-homedecor remains the owner of the copyright in its work and retains full intellectual and artistic ownership of its work.
The decorator has the right to publish her work subject to safeguarding the interests of the customer. She also has the right to be cited as the author in industry publications.
Total or partial reproduction of the website or any of its elements without the express prior permission of Flowerpower-homedecor is prohibited.

If the customer withdraws and does not wish to continue with the project once it has been approved, a minimum charge will be applied based on the research and development work carried out by the decorator. The deposit received after signing the order form will be deducted from the total amount to be paid. Under no circumstances will it be refund, even if the research and development costs are less than the total.
In the event of a dispute, the parties will endeavour to resolve it amicably. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the matter will be referred to the competent courts in Lausanne.